Cuddle Choons / Love Songs

Your radio station's new weekly chilled ballad and love songs show

It's That Time of Year

Reflects on the current month, but in a yesteryear, with memories of UK top 40 music, comedy and news clips of that period.

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nostalgia hits show

Soul Searching

Your station's new weekly

soul, dance and old skool show

Cuddle Choons / Love Songs
It's That Time of Year, June '85
Soul Searching

Hosted by legendary radio and television personality Nino Firetto.


Only UK Top 40 chart and audience/auditorium music tested (AMT) tracks. 

Ideally suited for sponsorship with award winning, internationally recognized show host and top quality show content.


All radio shows are approx 52 minutes and include two opt out points, at 20 and 40 minutes, to insert your station's ads and IDs.

Included is a cue sheet with track listing and durations, and a personalized show promo for your station.


New shows are posted to your station each Monday through a secure, free to use file sharing site. 

Simply download and add to your schedule. 

Shows are timeless, generic and fit most formats.  There are no profanities or sexual overtones, no talk of politics, religion, colour, sexuality or any subjects that may cause offense to listeners.  

All shows are family friendly.

Strict guidelines are followed and shows are compliant with both UK and US broadcasting standards (OFCOM and FCC regulations).

At this time the shows are free and have no advertising, product mentions or sponsorship. 

You may copy and paste all or any part of Nino Firetto's Bio or Wikipedia page for use as a press release to promote the show in your region on other media.

There is no contractual obligation.

Contact us from your radio station's email to express your station's interest at

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