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ELO's Mr Blue Sky .. the lyrics we mishear?

"Behind the Lyrics"

I have played this song for decades and to be honest I have misheard the ending too. What are those robotic sounding words at the end? More of that later but first let's dive in on this classic hit that has been loved by many for generations, "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra.

You may have hummed along to the upbeat tune and cheerful lyrics, but did you know the real meaning behind the song? According to the Daily Mail, "Mr. Blue Sky" was actually written about a nuclear holocaust. The song was meant to evoke the feeling of hope and happiness that comes after a storm, or in this case, a devastating event.

And now for a fun fact, for years fans have thought that the hit ended with a robotic voice uttering the words "Mr Blue Sky-y." But it turns out the voice is actually instructing listeners to turn the vinyl over to the other side, to listen to its B side. People have taken to social media to share their shock at this discovery.

It's amazing how a song can have such a deep and meaningful message, yet still bring joy to listeners. So next time you crank up "Mr. Blue Sky", take a moment to appreciate the thought and emotion behind the lyrics, and maybe even have a listen to the B side of the vinyl! And that's it for today's "Behind the Lyrics". Join us again next time as we uncover more hidden stories behind your favorite songs.

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