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Nino on June 4th (opening 10 minutes)
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Nino Firetto


 ABOUTYour Programmer & DJ ... “Nino was and is a Radio God!  An inspired, inventive and creative presenter who really communicates with his audience. Nino is a real star of the airwaves whose style cuts through on a radio dial full of blandness.”  Paul Chantler.  (see below)


Memory Lane Radio..

Is a radio station playing music, old television and radio clips with a sprinkling of comedy to. Screaming out to the world via the interweb. Programmed by award
winning 'media man' Nino Firetto who you can also hear on occasion on Memory Lane. 

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NINO FIRETTO is an award winning English radio and television presenter well known for bringing engaging and entertaining content to our airwaves since 1979. 

Below are some of the other radio stations I have had the good fortune to work on. My first stint on radio was at UBN in 1978, a station for workers in the UK’s biscuit factories. Then as a guest Disc Jockey on 208 Radio Luxembourg. I went on to meet ‘Whisperin’ Bob Harris, who was then a Disc Jockey at Radio 210 in Reading.   Bob got me a gig filling in on the weekends. Soon after that I was asked to launch Radio West and then Galaxy 101.  Whilst stateside I played tunes in Los Angeles at KOST and in San Francisco on KLLC.

For more see .. Nino Firetto's website at

PAUL CHANTLER has hired me (Nino) on a couple of occasions as the breakfast host on Galaxy 101 the regional station for the west UK and afternoons on Wave 105 in the south... so  Our thanks to Paul Chantler for his kind words...

Paul is a respected international radio programming consultant providing strategic, operational and training support.  He is also a media entrepreneur involved in many successful UK start-ups. For more details see his website at    

(Taken from

CAROL DOOLEY. "A number of years back I hired Nino Firetto to present the Breakfast Show at Kestrel FM in England. Best decision ever. Funny, dedicated, beyond talented & hugely professional Nino was an absolutely joy to work with - and our listeners loved him too. He’s a rare find in the industry "

STACY FIRETTO is the glue that holds the station together. Hers is the voice that you hear on our imaging and often joins Nino on his show countering and making sense of some of the dumb ass things he says! 


Logo for Memory Lane radio is an elephant. This is a photo file of our logo
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