Introducing your Radio Disc Jockey Nino Firetto.
“Nino was and is a Radio God!  An inspired, inventive and creative presenter who really communicates with his audience. Nino is a real star of the airwaves whose style cuts through on a radio dial full of blandness.” – Paul Chantler.  (see below)


Memory Lane UK:

Is an unique music and comedy mix radio station. The radio station output is commercial free and is, primarily, a showcase of some of the available radio shows for syndication.  Hosted by award winning British radio host Nino Firetto.


The British Invasion from the 60's to present day is evident in music charts, not just in the UK and the USA, but all around the world. Memory Lane UK radio shows reflects only the familiar chart hits.

'It's That Time of Year' is a show of memories and music.  Coming soon, 'Cuddle Choons', a relaxing show of ballads and love songs and 'Soul Searching', a soul music show featuring classic chart hits. 

Music policy:

We only feature music from the UK Top 40 charts and or tracks that have been audience /auditorium music tested (AMT).  
Please ask about our other specialist programs and custom shows.  Promos for shows can be made available and customised for your station.  For more details, reach out to us at Superradio247 @





DJ Nino Firetto:

Nino is an award winning radio and television host.  On radio he has worked with stations in the UK, Spain, Scandinavia and the USA 

Stations include: KLLC San Francisco, Radio Exe, Exeter FM, KOST Los Angeles, Wave 105, Real Radio, Kestrel FM, Liberty, London, Galaxy 101, EKR European Classic Rock, Buzz FM, CNFM, Invicta FM, Radio West, 208 Luxembourg, 210, KOST, , Radio Victory, UBN and more. 
On television, Nino was seldom off of our screens, in the 1980's and 90's.  Hosting his own shows for Music Box, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky TV.  Nino was a presenter of Splash, Summertime Special, Get Fresh, The American Match. Host of the quiz shows Mr & Mrs and Love Me, Love Me Not, the Showbusiness correspondent on LWT, continuity announcer on Children's ITV and often appeared on game shows such as Give Us a Clue, Who's Baby, What's My Line and BBC's You Bet.


Our thanks to Paul Chantler for his kind words.

Paul is a respected international radio programming consultant providing strategic, operational and training support. He has been a major influence in my radio career.  Paul has an excellent track record of success with 30 years experience working in the UK, Ireland, Europe and India.   He is also a media entrepreneur involved in many successful UK start-ups including Fix Radio and Podcast Radio. For more details see his website at 

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